Marmite Gene Testing: Do we love or hate it?


When we saw Marmite launch with such a unique offering; apparently we are born to love or hate the spread. We couldn’t help but ask “what is this?” and “what do we think of it?”

Nick Hastings, Exec Creative Director/ founder offers his five cents worth:

“Ironically for Marmite, the researcher in their online film about gene testing comes across as a man who has never known love or hate, or indeed any other emotion. Surely a spoof scientist ?  The price of the gene testing kit should be a spoof – £89.99 – but isn’t. The commercial, where people react to their gene test results as if they were discovering their state of health, is Marmite at its mightiest.  Overall, love it or hate it? I am genetically inclined to say both.” 

Nick Hastings, Founder of krow

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