Friday 09th December 2016

DFS: The Best-Recalled Brand of 2016

The Adwatch of the Year charts identifies the year’s 20 best-recalled brands, the ten most memorable ads and the ten best-liked commercials, as researched by Adwatch.

This year, our work for DFS ensured that it became the Best-Recalled Brand, jumping from last year’s third place to 1st place.

Campaign Magazine’s coverage of it says:

“DFS’s triumph is largely due to its highly visible Team GB sponsorship, which Krow Communications maximised by stressing a “Great British quality” message in TV work from March to the end of the summer.

Krow has always focused on DFS’s history, quality, British craftsmanship, 15-year-guarantees and handmade-to-order sofas, but has had a recent determination to improve advertising likeability…”


You can view all our DFS ads on our Vimeo channel here.