Virgin Trains wanted to grow the domestic rail category, rather than just steal market share from competitor train companies.

Our challenge was to change deep-rooted behaviour in long distance travellers, to create growth in the category, and make Virgin Trains Britain’s most loved travel brand.

In order to do that we needed to drive reappraisal amongst people who normally took the car or plane, when they were considering travelling long distance in Great Britain.

An added challenge was the campaign had to be equally credible for their East Coast franchise, which was in its infancy, and West Coast, which by comparison was a fully fledged young adult.

Virgin Trains


The insight behind our campaign is a simple one. If you're travelling long distance, it's for something really important to you.

Consequently you need to arrive feeling prepared and ready to succeed in whatever lies ahead, and only a Virgin Train can do that.

We executed this thought in a highly salient and entertaining way: Be bound for Glory. 

The campaign is brought to life by showing ‘important’ reasons that people travel, and juxtaposing these with the exaggerated language of performance.

The integrated campaign runs across TV, cinema, radio, OOH, digital screens, press and online.


The first burst of the campaign launched on the 18th of September 2015, and has since delivered a good short term ROI driven by a growth in new journeys.

We’ve also seen significant increases on key metrics of consideration and advocacy, amongst users and non-users pre to post the campaign launch.

David Reviews declared ‘In-laws’ a “triumphant celebration of Virgin Trains's capture of the East Coast franchise to complement their existing West Coast routes.”In ‘Race’, David Reviews noted that ‘it's clever of krow to once again seed the idea that Virgin's trains deliver people to frivolity and fun launched.’

You can view both his reviews for In Laws here and Race here.