We’ve been working with the Natural History Museum for the last 6 years promoting a number of exhibitions and gallery spaces within the museum as it updates and adapts, not only to new scientific discoveries, but also to the ever-changing needs and desires of today’s cultural-consumer.

With every project we face two major issues. The first one relates to subject matter – how can we boil down complex scientific, historic, cultural exhibition themes into a simple and compelling poster? And secondly, how do we achieve standout on a cluttered transport network with a keen budget?

Natural History Museum


Because the Tube in particular is so heavily populated with museum and gallery advertising we’ve strived to go beyond just a hero-shot of a place, specimen or famed artwork approach.

Instead we strive for museum-creative that has ideas ‘baked in’. We try to use involving headlines, which address the consumer directly, along with surprising visuals.

We’ve also learnt that having a compelling piece of iconography (what we call a title treatment) is a valuable asset. It is a key part of the creative because it allows us to give each project a distinct personality and achieve continuity across all formats and platforms. It is also used as a recognisable ‘icon’ or ‘shorthand’ for the exhibition when we don’t have the space or capabilities to show full creative.


Our most recent campaign was for a new permanent gallery called ‘Treasures’, which houses the museum’s most prized possessions. Early visitor stats indicate that the gallery has welcomed over 884,000 visitors since it opened it on the 27th November 2012 and this number continues to grow.

Previous campaigns have all over achieved in terms of driving footfall.

The Darwin Exhibition

We beat the visitor target by 55,407! 155,407 visitors exceeded the revenue target by a record-breaking +£269,000. The campaign also won the prestigious Marketing/PR campaign of the Year award in the Visit London Awards 2009.

The Cocoon – part of the new Darwin Centre

After the campaign went live, the Cocoon was visited by an average of 1,208 visitors per day. We also achieved over 785,000 visitors in the first six months. That’s almost 300,000 more than expected.

The Deep Exhibition

We had a target of 70,200 – we achieved 100,320.

Age of the Dinosaur Exhibition

We had a target of 160,000 – we achieved 189,000.