Pets at Home set us the challenge last year of helping them become “the UK’s most loved pet brand”. Millward Brown tracking revealed that a lack of brand activity (in favour of their VIP scheme and more tactical activity over the last two years) had resulted in a decline on key brand measures. Whilst the brand's VIP (Very Important Pets) loyalty programme had grown to 2 million people, spontaneous awareness was back to pre-advertising levels and in the minds of non-shoppers we were simply no more than a Pet-Tesco.

Pets at Home


The brief was clear: we needed to remind pet owners why we are unique and different versus the supermarkets. To do this successfully we would need to demonstrate to pet owners how and why we can play a meaningful role in the lives they share with their pets and this would need to done in a highly emotional and uniquely Pets at Home way.

So, in February this year, we embarked on a social media campaign to collect film clips from pet owners across the UK. It became the retailer’s most successful social media campaign, with more than 13,000 photo and video clips uploaded. We then worked with documentary filmmakers to edit together the final film into one poignant story of owners’ lives with their pets.

This helped demonstrate that we understand the bond between pet and owner and all the happy, crazy, funny, and at times sad things, that come with it. And whilst Pets at Home can't guarantee there won't be tricky times ahead, they can promise they will help support you and your pet throughout your time together.

The TV campaign is supported by social, PR and in-store communications.

pets at home girl and fish
pets at home old man dog
pets at home boy swing chicken


Since the campaign went live in May 2014, response and results to date have been fantastic. Our social channels have seen huge growth with the campaign securing over 30,000 more Facebook fans. Across both Twitter and Facebook we've not only seen a 15% increase in positive sentiment, but also a total of 56.7m impressions, 1.2m engagements and over 16,000 brand mentions. Our YouTube and Facebook views are also 800,000 and counting. We are still awaiting full Millward Brown tracking results but initial top line Ad Diagnostics show that the campaign is performing well above norm on key measures such as Enjoyment, Communication and Response.





pets at home baby and guinea pig