We were given the task to create high impact activity with broad reach to launch the new Fiat 500X – a small 4x4 / crossover vehicle. Our specific brief was to develop a pre-launch campaign to showcase the 500X raising awareness and drive sign-ups / leads amongst potential customers before the car was physically available.

Our challenge was to reach the key demographic of young couples, which we dubbed 'Urban Adventurers', looking to buy a car together across all EMEA countries including the key markets of Italy, France, Spain and the UK.



We created a world first Virtual Reality test drive experience film titled The Power of X. Starring world-famous magician Dynamo, the 360° 3D film combines photo-real CGI and live footage and takes the viewer though an immersive journey both inside and outside the car. This film was was launched at The Power of X Tour – a series of bespoke experiential events across 74 cities within 23 European countries.

In addition to the VR film, we created a series of teasers and a street magic film, all featuring Dynamo to generate awareness of our main launch event; then disseminated via Dynamo and Fiat’s social channels.

The pre-launch activity culminated in an exclusive live event in London on January 28. Dynamo created a unique blend of theatre, illusion, technology and dance-inspired choreography to conjure up a mysterious energy live on stage, which then formed into a 3D blueprint of the new Fiat 500X. This miraculously transformed into a real car in front of an audience of 1,300.


So far over 1 million people have experienced the Virtual Reality activity across Europe.

The teaser activity received 10.2m+ views with a reach of at least 240m. Over 4.7 million people have visited the Fiat 500X website so far.

1,300 people attended the invitation-only launch event in London and the YouTube film of the car reveal illusion had over 2.7m views without seeding, to date. The event was also covered extensively in mainstream media.

In the first weekend after the launch, 70,000 people visited dealerships, with 1300 taking test drives in Italy alone.