We were asked to help re-launch Kinder Chocolate in 2012. The brand suffered from low awareness and poor consumer understanding of the product.

Qualitative research with mums told us that Kinder Chocolate was not on mum’s radar as a brand for treating their child; they hadn’t grown up with it and they knew little about it.

In a world of growing concern about food and considered eating, mums are looking for reassurance when it comes to feeding their children. We were at a real disadvantage, as parents were defaulting to their status quo bias purchasing those brands they knew and loved from their own childhoods.



We had a persuasive product story to communicate but we had to find a way to deliver that information with sufficient charm to really cut through.

We wanted to show that we understood that treating children isn’t a purely rational process, and that Kinder Chocolate offers enjoyment as well as reassurance. So, we used the distinctive illustrative style of Oliver Jeffers to deliver our message in an emotionally engaging way.

The line ‘invented for kids, approved by mums’ built on Ferrero’s heritage and clearly articulated the Kinder Chocolate positioning by representing the benefits for both parent and child.


The re-launch of Kinder Chocolate in 2012 has been an undisputed success.

We introduced the brand into an additional half a million households and exceeded our initial ambition of selling 3 million more bars by an incredible 6 million.

We are now ranked number 2 chocolate brand by Nielsen and the “Invention” campaign has successfully gained the trust of parents with 51% stating that Kinder Chocolate is now a brand they trust.