Aston University approached us in January 2011 because they were nervous how the introduction of tuition fees would impact their September intake.

They knew they had to act, but they had many barriers to overcome. The most important one being that outside of the East and West Midlands students are simply not aware of them.

Aston University


During our briefing there was one thing that really captured our attention - “80% of Aston graduates get a graduate level job within 6 months of graduation.” We instantly felt that the idea that a degree from Aston could come with ‘a job attached’ would be hugely motivating to our target audience. So we had a strong and surprising message, but how could we engage a notoriously difficult 16-18 year old audience?

The majority of universities communicate in a very generic way. To help Aston stand out from the crowd we gave our communications a distinctive look, personality and tone of voice - one that defied ‘category conventions’.

The campaign ran across tactical poster sites and was supported by digital activity across key student websites.


The campaign has been a huge success; UCAS entrants are up 25% compared to the previous year and our digital creative is now The Student Room’s second most clicked on campaign ever.