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Saturday 17th June 2017

How Labour Rewrote General Election Campaign Ad Tactics

The influence of the press over politicians and election results was epitomised by The Sun‘s notorious ‘IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT’ front page headline following the Conservatives’ unexpected General Election win in April 1992. A quarter of a century on, and much has changed.

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Friday 16th June 2017

Back to the Future: Could crowdsourcing be advertising's own fake news?

Malcolm White wonders if marketing's love affair with crowdsourcing is creating a fake news problem for commercial creativity. He looks back 600 years to a lesser known work of Chaucer for guidance.

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Thursday 25th May 2017

krow and RNLI launch their first campaign together

RNLI have made it their mission to keep us safe in the water, whether we intended to end up there or not. In our first campaign together we demonstrate a memorable technique "Float to live" with equally harrowing creative #RespectTheWater

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